Enhancement: Merge the script files for elements into the “elements.js” file.

Enhancement: Merge the image files for different states of element into one file.

Enhancement: Avoid tool windows cover newly popup window/menu/editor.

Enhancement: Hide all tool windows when minimizing the main window.

Enhancement: Better algorithm for id generation.

Enhancement: Validate path before saving the plot file.

Enhancement: Highlight the editable part of id when element id editor window shown up.

Enhancement: Avoid using negtive z value in editing phase.

Enhancement: Allow setting z value for embedded element.

Bug_0236: Double clicking embedded element can not open its editor.

Bug_0237: Disabled Spinner element should not be able to spin.

Bug_0238: Can not disable Tabs/Vertical Tabs element in simulation.

Bug_0239: Button text is not correctly align with icon when icon is on top/bottom of text, and text width is less than icon, and using center alignment.

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I can’t open one of my 4ui files with this version. What to do ?


  1. Just found out taht I even cant open it in the previous version. I'm able to see the preview in the mac finder when I select it via "Load Plot" but the file does not open in ForeUI. I will open this topic in the support forum.

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