I’m looking at the fwitter and I see the custom events being called. I know how to create one, but how do you ‘find’ one that has already been created. Exactly where do I look? Thanks.

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Hi Jack,

You can use the “Find Element” feature to search the custom events. Just press Ctrl+F (or Command+F in Mac OS), input your keyword, make sure the “Action” option is checked, you will be able to find where they are defined.


You are welcome 🙂


Still an issue. I’m looking at the “Fwitter” demo. I see an event called “Input_Check”; upon searching I get 11 results back. None have the Input_Check defined, just called. I still can not fine this custom event. Strange.

  1. It is defined in the "Sign Up" page, as a page event handler.

We sometimes define custom events under page actions. It doesn’t appear as if the Ctrl+F with “action” selected returns these results. Could this be added?

  1. The Ctrl+F is for elements searching, so the actions defined in page level can not be found.

    We will make some big changes on action editor in the coming V3.0, which allows you to search all event handlers much easier.

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