Hi there,

I’ve been requested to create a semi-functional sales demo of one of our enterprise applications. I’ve hit some issues with the java engine as I have over 20 pages with on average 20 controls. The html file has over 14K lines of code in it; therefore, things are very slow when trying to run the SIM.

What I’ve come up with is to create mulitple plots that will include only a few pages each to help spead things up.

My question is how would I go about linking navigation to access different plots? This would be a great feature to have. At this time the only thing I can think of is to export as DHTML each plot and then rename each .html file from within another.

Can anyone think of a better approach?



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Hi Ed,

In the coming V2.45 version (will be available on next Monday). We will optimize the generated DHTML, which may increase the performance. You can take a look and check if the simulation run faster.

Meanwhile spliting a big plot into several small plots can also help, but you need to maintain the links to different plots.

You can consider using the iFrame element to embed the simulation of another plot. Maybe you can create a plot that with navigate buttons and a big iFrame view, then change the iFrame URL when user click differnt navigate buttons.

You can use the relative path in the URL. e.g. you can set the iFrame URL to “../p2/index.htm”, then you can see the simulation of p2 running in the iFrame.


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