Hello, guys.

I have installed ForeUI v3, and when I opened a prototype built with the previous version (2.809), I have realized that the new version has the Height property set to 1 by default, and the Pad property set to 15 by default, while the previous version had 15 and 10 for those properties.

The problem is that v3 overrides those properties even for Mock texts with already set values, and therefore I have to set them in *all* my screens which is, obviously, a complete waste of time.

I know that it is a beta version, but I also think that it is not a trivial error.

Thanks in advance, and sorry for my bad english.

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Hi Jota, each element will have its default height value. So please tell us which element you are talking about.

Anyway, none of the elements has so small default height value. Could you send us your plot file for checking (to If the plot file could not be sent, you could post a screenshot here, which will also be helpful for us to locate the problem. Thanks.


With ForeUI 2:

The same file, opened with ForeUI 3:

I hope this helps.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Jota, thanks for the clarification. Now I understand what you mean, and it is a bug for sure. We will have it fixed in next release.

Please do not use V3 to modify your old plot that contains MockText elements, otherwise the incorrectly loading will be persisted. Just keep the old plot as they were and they will be correctly loaded by next version.


Thank you very much. In fact, I have detected that v3 also overrides other settings, but I hope you fix it in next releases.

  1. Hi Jota, please let us know which element and which parameters are overrided by V3, we need this information to fix it, thanks.

Beta3 has fixed this problem.


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