I’m new to ForeUI, so please forgive me if I do something completly wrong.

I have two pages. The MainScreen and a Popup1 (which has the MainScreen as parent).

In the MainScreen I have a Button and on “Element Clicked” I do “Go to Page Popup1”.

In Popup1 I have a cancel button and on “Element Clicked” I do “Go to Page MainScreen”.

Now my Problem:

If I drag the button into the Popup with right mouse button and add it to the group of the popup the “Go to Page” does not work.

If I drag it with the left mouse button and add it to the page but not to the group of the Popup the button works as expected.

It took me some hours to figure out why one popup works and three other not.

So please tell me if this is a bug or a feature.



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Hello Andre, thanks for telling us. It is a new bug and we are fixing it. We will release patch version very soon.


Hi Andre, we just released V3.0 SP1, which has a few bugs fixed, including this one 🙂


Hi Vivi,

I updated and it works better. Some other problems are also gone. 🙂



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