1. I Create page 1 that wil act as a master for page 2.

2. I add a rectangle to page 1

3. I create page 2 and add a button

4. I add an action to the button and select “When clicked”

5. Now I have to choose which element to act upon

6. I select Page 1 in the drop-down at the top, and I select the rectangle

Well, in simulation, the button action doesn’t work.

Is it suppsed to, or is here another reason for letting me choose an element on another page?

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Yes it can be regarded as the limitation of the current implementation of the master page. The manipulation between master page and other pages is monodirectional: the master page can manipulate the elements on other pages; other pages can not manipulate the elements on the master page.


Oh, okay. That explains the ability to choose elements on another page :o)

I’d like it it to be multi-directional… some day ;o)


Sure we will work on it, hoping this be improved soon.


This enhancement is made in V1.60


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