With the Tools area undocked the Tools area gets hidden when dragging an element. It should not.

The Tools Area does not even appear after dragging even though the element is still selected.

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The tools are hidden during drag and drop. That’s normal since you could not manipulate the tools while dragging the element. This behavior is the same in both V2 and V3.

However I could not reproduce the second part: “Tools Area does not even appear after dragging even though the element is still selected”. Maybe I missed something. Could you post a screenshot for that?


1. I click on an element

2. The Tools area is shown (I have activated autohide)

3. I drag the element (while dragging the Tools are auto hidden)

4. I release the mouse button to stop dragging

5. The element is now selected, but the Tools area does not appear


Hi Ulrich, I followed your steps but still could not reproduce the problem. I also tried to run ForeUI in Windows 7 64bit with system look and feel, dock/undock the tool pane, none of them can reproduce the problem.

If possible, could you try it on another PC? I doubt if it could be reproduced again.


I have removed Java 1.7.0_05, so now I’m running:

Windows 7 64 Bit

Java 1.6.0_31-b05

System Look and Feel (the problem also occurs in ForeUI look and feel)

I also removed ForeUI and re-installed. And I rebooted my PC.

When I undock the Tools area and select “Auto hide tools panel when no element is selected, I still experience the described issue.

The tools panel does not reappear after dragging.

It also happens for instance if I insert a TextBox. At first the tools panel is visible. If I press F2 and edit the text and then click outside to save it, the tools area does not appear.

By the way the Tools area still fades out as explained in:…

It’s a bit diffucult to try it on another PC.


After selecting the “Auto hide tools panel…” option, the issue can be reproduced when tools pane is undocked. We will fix it in next version.


BTW we still not able to reproduce the fade-out issue. We have not wrote code to implement the fade out effect, so it seems like a rendering performance issue. However none of our testing machine can reproduce it, so we could do nothing for that.


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