When I set the icons of an accordion they are automatically arranged as follows.





But I actually want 1 specific image per menu, so I manually changed the structured text to





That works great, each menu item has its own icon.

BUT, as soon as I want to add a new menu item with a new icon, then my previous modifications are destroyed of course. I understand that this is my own fault because I manipulated the whole thing in the first place.

However, it is impossible to use the “undo” action now. The undo action is not aware of my manual changes. It cannot restore the icons back to the way I set them.

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Hello Bram,

The best way to specify icon for each section in Accordion element is to drag image from image dock to the section header. You can also specify different icons for expanded/collapsed states of each section, just expand/collapse the sections before dragging icon into it.

Manually editing the icon in text should also be acceptable, and the changes should be able to undo (just like changing the text of the header). I could not reproduce the problem you mentioned. Could you tell us the steps to reproduce the problem? Thanks.


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