1. Add a button to your plot

2. Add a MultilevelMenu element to your plot and make it invisible

3. Add some action to the button that makes the menu appear when clicked

4. Add some action to the MultilevelMenu to make it disappear on Mouse Out.

The problem is that the MultilevelMenu disappears on Mouse Over… It works fine with the Menu element.

And by the way, could you please consider the following enhancement of the MultilevelMenu element?:

Adding an image to the MultilevelMenu can only be done by dragging an image directly from the image dock or by writing [img#] in in the editor. It should be possible by selecting a row and clicking an image button in the properties bar the same way as the Menu element.

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It seems to be a bug, we will investigate it.

Meanwhile here’s a workaround: you can add some actions to make the menu visible on Mouse Over.

We will add the image button on floating tool pane for MultilevelMenu.


This is reported as Bug_0271 and has been fixed in V2.65


I do have a similar problem, but it still exists with 2.65 and FireFox

I use images to simulate buttons and states, because I found no way to remove button labels completely.
image_01 on level xx1 is the normal state, changes cursor and turns image_02 visible on mouse over
image_02 on level xx2 is hover state, turns itself invisible when clicked or on mouse out

All elements are on a separate page to be used as (part of a ) master page.

I built the mockup at home with my private version, it worked there with FireFox
Now at work I updated the version and tried to run the plot, but for some reason mouse out is not detected.

to check this I just built a page with only an image and some actions.

When I run it with explorer, mouse out works all right, but I don’t see any master window with my former plot, so I can’t just switch browsers.

  1. Hi Braggi, the newly released V2.651 have fixed this "Mouse Out not triggered in FF" bug, you can check if it can solve your problem.

Hi Braggi, thanks for telling us.

I just noticed that in V2.65, the mouse out event is not triggered in FireFox. We will fix it ASAP.


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