Please consider extending properties that we can access for elements (for retrieval and set)

* Progress Bars/Slider

– progress index/slider position (e.g. between 0 and 100%)

This would allow Simplify an action script to progress the control with pauses in between

* Tree

– get selected value (as opposed to index)


– set selected row

You can see where I’m going with this – just provides more flexibility in dynamically changing components..



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Hi Tim, thanks for the idea!

Actually we are working on the same direction 🙂 We will enhance the Table element a lot in next version (V1.90).

The Pregress Bar / Slider is not interactive now, but it will be enhanced in the future.

Yes we may need a new “Selected Value” property for Tree element.

  1. while enhancing the progress bar, please allow for the height to be further reduced. Currently the element property only allows reducing it to a minimum of 20.
  2. Thanks, just added to the list :-)

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