ForeUI could really use a proper duplicate feature. You should be able to select an object, duplicate it (usually with Ctrl-D, but I see you are already using that key combo for something else), position the duplicated item, then duplicate as many times as you want. The offset between duplicates should always be the same as between the first two objects. (Try using Ctrl-D in Microsoft PowerPoint for an example.)

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Hi DanM, currently the Ctrl + C + V key combo is doing what you want 🙂

I know Ctrl + D is shorter but we already use it for Defining Action. We should not change hotkey frequently, unless it is not reasonable at all.

  1. Xavier, thanks for your response, but the problem with Ctrl-C + Ctrl-V is that it doesn't remember the offset. Example: original is at (100, 100), duplicate is placed at (100, 200), next duplicate should be at (100, 300). But with copy/paste, next duplicate is placed at (120, 220). It makes it difficult to position multiple items quickly.

Thanks for clarifying DanM. Now we understand the difference. We will evaluate the solution internally.

  1. Thanks, Xavier.

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