I usually have my right hand on my mouse and the left hand on the keyboard, and when working in ForeUI I miss some keyboard shortcuts.

In the Behaviour dialog:

  • The Delete key should delete the selected element.

Other shortcuts:

  • Escape should in general activate the “Cancel” button. Enter activates the OK button, so that’s fine.

  • A shortcut to the behaviour dialog would be great. That way you could select an element and just hit the shortcut key (and not right click or move the mouse to the floating properties window).

  • In Edit mode: A shortcut to the next/previous page would be great. PageUp and PageDown does this in simulation, but they are occupied in edit mode.

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Thanks for the suggestion, we will implement more shortcuts to accelerate the operation.

I think we can use CTRL+Up and Down to switch the page in edit mode.

  1. Yes, that would be fine!

Update: to keep consistence, we will use PageUp and PageDown (Fn+Up and Fn+Down in Mac) as the shortcuts for page switching in editing mode.

The shortcuts to switch selection will be changed to CTRL+Right and CTRL+Left (CMD+Right and CMD+Left in Mac).


V1.65 has provided some new hotkeys:

PageUp or PageDown (Fn + Up or Down in Mac) to switch page in edit mode.

CTRL + Left or Right (CMD + Left or Right in Mac) to switch selection in edit mode.

DELETE (BACKSPACE in Mac) to delete entity in behavior dialog.

ESC to close popup window.

CTRL + D (CMD + D in Mac) to open behavior dialog.


I like the new hotkeys.

However, I still miss the ability to use Escape to close the small dialog used to edit the text of:

– Text Edit Box

– Text Label

– Table

– Tab

– Iframe

– Button

– Checkbox

– Radiobutton

– Calendar

– Combobox

– Group title

– List

– Menu bar

– Menu

– Tree

– Balloon

– Post-It

– Window title

– Hyperlink

– Title Text

I know that you can click outside the dialog to close it, but i’d really like the Escape functionality as well.


Ok, we can provide the Escape hotkey for the text editor in next version.


Cool! 🙂


Now they are available in V1.70


Could you please add a shortcut for “Run Simulation”?

E.g. CTRL + Enter (this is the shortcut i Adobe Flash).

About using Page Up and Page Down for shifting between the pages in the file: When using Page Down, it has the side effect, that the Page Down also affects the shown page, which is scrolled to the bottom.

Either you should let ForeUI ignore the usual Page Up/Down functionality or assign some other shortcuts for shifting between the pages.


CTRL + Arrow Up/Down


Actually the shortcut for running simulation exists, that’s CTRL+R (CMD+R in Mac).

The side effect of page up/down is a bug, it is reported as Bug_0113 and will be fixed in next version.

After the fixing, you can not scroll the view with page up/down, we think it is ok since you can scroll with mouse wheel (you do have it, don’t you?)

  1. Ahh, I missed that one. I'll use CTRL + R from now on then :o)

    Yes, I use the scroll wheel, and disabling the scroll of Page Up/Down is just fine.

The bug_0113 is fixed in V1.77


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