Please add support to control whether the elements are resized when the plot is resized.

I want to make it bigger and all the elements are being scaled.

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Hi Tim, what’s the use cases for this feature?


Plot emailed that exhibits the problem.

I can replicate it – drop a Mock Text, click the plot background e.g. make sure no element is selected, and then double the width of the plot – the Mock Text doubles in width. Doesn’t happen if the element is selected.

Clearly not desirable behaviour – I simply want more space on the plot.


I think it is a just repainting bug, the mock text is not really be scaled, if you do something to force the repainting (select something or show/hide the main window etc.), you will see its real size.

We will fix this repainting bug in next version.


My bad, obviously didn’t do anything after I noticed the issue.


Bug_0281 is fixed in V2.652


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