Please consider adding the ability to add real tooltips to buttons and graphics.

It would excellent to just write the tooltip text in the properties bar (see the bottom of the image):

Other candidates could be:

– Checkbox

– Radiobutton

– TextEditBox

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It’s a good idea, thanks

  1. Could you please consider this idea again? Maybe it has dropped to the bottom of your list of ideas :)
  2. It is in our roadmap already, and we plan to implement it in V3.2 :-)
  3. This will be very useful for me too, look forward to getting it! :)
  4. I would like this as well!
  5. That would be something, we would need, too!
    Maybe with the possibility to allow a general decision: Showing tooltips or notes or generally not to show it.
    The decision could be made either by a checkbox (or similar) during demonstration mode OR as a general choice for the export.

Here is a good news: the tool tip feature will be included in next delivery (V3.20).

It is also a good idea to have a switch to turn on/off the tool tip. But this is not included in next delivery. The tool tip will not display if its content is empty.

  1. These are great news!! ;-)

    When do you schedule the next delivery V3.20?
  2. It should be next week or the week after :-)
  3. These are great news! Looking forward to it as some features and bugfixes are desperately needed ;-)

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