I’m running Windows 7 and using System Look And Feel i ForeUI.

There is a small bug in the “Open” dialog in which 4 icons in the top right corner are partly hidden.

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Hi Ulrich, I remember this bug has been reported by Tim a few months ago. It is confirmed to be a bug in the JRE. Since the system look and feel is shipped with JRE, we could do nothing to fix it.

I have checked this issue in the lastest version of JRE 6 and it is not fixed yet. When ForeUI 3.0 released, it will integrate the latest version of JRE at the time, wish this bug has been fixed in that version of JRE.


Ok, it is not a big issue. I know where to click anyway 🙂


Actually I updated my JRE a few months back and the icons are visible on my Win7 system

6.0 update 22

  1. Thanks for the information! So this issue could be solved by integrating JRE6 u22+
  2. I'm running version 6.0 Update 25 and I can't see the icons.
  3. I updated the JRE in the ForeUI folder.
  4. I updated the JRE in the ForeUI folder.

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