When I call a JSON web service I get an array of data back. The contents appears in the properites window very quickly, but loping through the result set and inserting rows into a table is really slow. Is there a way that would populate the table faster?

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Hi Tony,

Could you give us some numbers to evaluate the performance? How many rows are added? For how long time? Howmany columns does your table have?

Thanks in advanced.


Hi ViVi

The JSON Response has an array with 10 ‘rows’ in it. Each row has 8 fields. The table only displays 5 columns of data, each row takes approximately 1second to draw.


Since inserting table row is actually operate on DOM tree, it is slower than other operations.

We will try to optimize this in next version, meanwhile you may consider using Chrome browser, which will be faster than other browsers.


Thanks ViVi

Is there a better / different way to decorate the table? I really want to set the value of the existing rows rather than insert new rows / append rows?

  1. Please take a look at the "Set Table Cell Value" action, you can use it to change the value of existing table cell.
  2. Set Table Cell Value is much quicker and does the trick. Thanks very much.

Out of interest, I added a {CURRENT_SECONDS} before the loop and then one at the end. With 10 rows of data and 5 columns it took 13 seconds to render all 10 rows. I then did the same again, but with only one column and it took 6 seconds.

Both tests done using Chrome.


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