When using the Hand Drawing theme, the window opacity and fill color have no effect. The window is always white and 0% transparent.

The same applies to menus.

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That’s because we set a non-transparent background to it, actually the Windows XP and Mac OS X themes work in the same way.

We are considering the transparent background, but the background color filling may not work perfectly, it may put some pixels with background color out of the element border (since the border is not 100% flat). Do you think it is acceptable?


For the hand drawn theme: color out of the border would not be a problem, except if it’s perfectly straight – that would not look hand drawn anymore.

For XP/Mac themes: color outside of the border would not look good at all.

This really poses a problem. For the hand drawn theme, the only quick fix I can think of is to “cheat” with the border – i.e. to straighten the border to where it doesn’t vary by more than its thickness. This way, the straight line of the color is always covered by the thick border. I don’t know if it would still look shaky enough to be hand drawn though.

For the XP and Mac themes, the problem are the round edges? That’s harder to fix – you probably have to work with masks when filling (which would be the proper fix-all for any theme).


Yes cheating with the border is a good idea, we will try it to check the effect.


It is implemented in v1.32.


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