since ForeUI 3.0 i have the problem when i try to scale an element by the first try ForeUI cancel (if no element in background) or scale/move the element below the one i selected.

and the mouse cursor shows the scale-icon in the moment i press the mousebutton down.

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Hi Yasofies, sorry I don’t understand. Did you mean “resize” when you said “scale”? I don’t know how to reproduce the issue you mentioned.

Could you describe it with one or two picgures?


I am sorry.

i took a second look on the problem. and now its clear. the problem is that a higher z-index element (circel) get select, when trying to resize the line

on the screenshots it shows the wrong cursor.

the problem that i see is her, that ForeUI shouldn’t select an other element when mouse-cursor suggest that i am going to resize/move the selected element.


Thanks for the details and now I understand.

However I could not reproduce this problem on my computer. Could you let me know your system information? Thanks.


windows 7 Professional 64 Bit

Intel i5 M 450 @ 2.40 GHz


ForeUI 2 und ForeUI3 installed

the circle must have a higher z-index then the line. if you still can’t reproduce i can try to send you the file. maybe it help if you zoom to 25% i work on a realy big plot 4500×3000


I tried the same but still could not reproduce it. Please send me the file for checking, thanks.

  1. E-mail is on the way

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