Hello dear ForeUI team,

in the user manual (…) it is said, that each section header can hold an individual icon.

I can drop a Icon in the editor, but I can see that icon only when this section is expanded.

In the simulation I can ́t see that Icon what so ever, there is no element, which could hold it (searching with Firebug).

Can you confirm this?

Thank you!

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It seems the header icons are not simulated well when you haven’t specify the default icon for both states.

After specifying the default icons, the problem seems disappear:

The editor’s behavior seems correct: when you drop an icon into the header, you just specify its icon for its current state. So if the state change, you can not see the icon you just set.

The simulation’s behavior is incorrect: even the default icons are not set, the dropped icon should be displayed, in the corresponding state. This is a bug, but in the major of cases, you should not meet it since the default icons are usually set, if you intend to use icon in second header.

  1. Thanks ViVi,
    this will help me.

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