Is it possible to add custom HTML/CSS/JS to a plot?

For example, if there’s some jQuery functionality that I’d like to have that’s not currently possible to build with the existing ForeUI tools (such as an animated collapsable menu, or advanced interaction) I would love to be able to add custom HTML that would then get exported with the Export DHTML command ..



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Hi Jeremy,

Actually it is one of the topics we are considering now. The possible solution is still under investigation. But even if it is possible, the workload will be high, so you may not expect this feature in the short term.


Glad to hear you’re working on this.

I understand this would probably be really difficult to implement, but if you could, it would make this tool more powerful than anything out there, because it would allow us to add custom functionality that’s not natively in the software.

My guess is that the toughest part would be figuring out how to make that custom markup integrate with the DHTML you’re already converting .. but, you know what .. I would be happy enough as a starting point to be able to just add blocks of HTML ( and ) that is completely independent from the ForeUI output ..

at least that would allow us to build customized menus, and advanced page interactions as a wrapper to the ForeUI prototype that gets exported ..

but, i guess even that’s a big mountain to climb ..

anyway, i think that capability would be huge ..




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