How come the Default font setting is only available when using ForeUI look and feel?

I’m using a custom look and feel (javax.swing.plaf.metal.MetalLookAndFeel), and I would really like to set a default font.

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Hi Ulrich,

It is true that the default font setting is only available on EaSynth look and feel. The Java look and feel doesn’t have such an API to change default font. We added this feature in EaSynth look and feel but we could not do so for other Java look and feel.



Could you then please consider this?:

– Add a hotkey for the Plot Settings dialog

– Mark the content of the Default Font combobox to make it easy to change a different font. I use Verdana, so I write “Ve” and hit Enter twice to select and close the dialog.

Another option could be to allow a new setting in the ForeUI Settings:

[ ] Display Page Settings when you create new plot.


Hi Ulrich,

Thanks for the suggestions. The second option has been in our list 🙂


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