I am working on a prototype which has a long list of toggle ( select and unselect options). Is there a existing element in library for it? I can achieve toggle with the tool but since it’s a long list I have to sometimes change some properties( like on load select for some items and unselect for others). This takes a lot of time and I would love to have a solution which has a easy way to toggle for a entire list. I don’t want to use a check box on left as that is not relevant to the context of my design. Thanks

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Hi varun,

You can group the check boxes that you want to select or unselect together, then in the page loaded event handler, you can do this:

By checking the “Include sibling……” option, all checkboxes in the same group will be selected/unselected together.


Thanks. Yeah the thing is I m not looking for check boxes as I had mentioned. I m using a image and another image to toggle between. I need the action of a check box but design to be somewhat different. Thanks

  1. So you will need to wait for the V3.0, which allows you to define actions for mutiple elements at a time ;-)
  2. Thanks :)

    Also I m curious, if you guys have a way for me to get a sitemap from existing pages in a plot? So for example, I have a prototype with 50 pages, I think it would be cool for me to just click a button and have a site map generated for this mobile/web application.

    One more question. How is that I can emulate a real world page loading effect? Right now when I have the UI going from one page to another page, some of the pages don't have a realistic page loading behavior, it looks like the page never got refreshed and I was on the same page. Great thing for Ajax but not every page goes that way. Thanks
  3. The {Available_Page_Indices} and {Available_Page_Titles} global properties can help you to list all pages in the plot, and you can make links for the pages as well.

    We will consider the one-click solution you suggested.

    If you wish to see the page loading process, you can simulate it. The idea is to use a blank page (or page with progress indicator) as the transitional page. You can use the "Blog.4ui" plot file as example, it is included in the installation, and you can find it in the default plot directory. Also you can download it from <a href="; rel="nofollow"></a&gt;

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