I am working on a table and I am not able to make the append row work in the way I would like. Here is the scenario: A pop up helps to add rows to this table but for some reason the table is adding rows to the top of the table but not assigning the value from the text edit box to the cell of the table. Can someone help please? Thanks

First pic shows how I am adding rows to the table and second picture shows the table itself. Just to clarify in the second picture I have two tables on top of each other, one of them is just providing a separate header and the other is doing the job of adding rows to the table.

The ideal scenario I would like it to work for is: Row 1, column 2 to have the value from the popup as assigned the text edit box.

Row 2, Column 2 should take the similar value from text edit box and so on.

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I think the problem is, the value of TextEditBox_15 is cleared (set to “”) before appending the row to Table_2.


Thanks Xavier. The table which in this context is table 1 instead of table 2 and I am using the set text edit box to “” to make that edit box blank everytime I load that pop up. I did try to move that command very down the list though and just like before it is giving me the following trend after having generated the 3 times to get 3 rows. The first pop up is giving empty row for some reason and then the next one starts taking in the value. Also the rows are one below the desired starting of the new rows. Hope that makes sense. Thanks

After pop up 1

After pop up 2

After pop up 3

  1. I think your table has a very thin, empty row at the bottom. Have you try selecting the table and click "Auto Size" button?

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