New Feature: New “Mouse Over” event.

New Feature: New “Mouse Out” event.

Enhancement: ComboBox becomes interactive in simulation.

Enhancement: The default state of radio button and check box changed to “Normal”.

Fixed Bug_0114: Can not add more cases after defining the switch branching.

Fixed Bug_0115: The “Element Clicked” event should also be fired when clicking on the Menu element.

Fixed Bug_0116: Should not allow changing plot via Undo/Redo when editing element content.

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The dynamic ComboBox is a great improvement!

When I read about the Mouse Over and Mouse Out events, I thought that I might be able to create a Windows-like menu, where submenus are opened on Mouse Over. That doesn’t seem to be possible. Could you somehow make it possible to use Mouse Over in combination with the index of a menu?

  1. Since the MouseOver event is triggered for once when we go throught all items, it is not suitable for doing this. Maybe we need another new event like "Item Highlighted", which will be triggered once we highlight an item, and we also need a new property to know which item is hightlighted now.
  2. Yes, that might be an idea.

And the change of the default state of radio button and check box is also a nice improvement!



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