What happened to the little flags showing that an element has defined behaviour?

I can’t seem to hide/show them in the Settings.

ForeUI 3.0 RC (trial version)

OS: Windows 7

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Hi Ulrich,

In 2.0 the behaivor is tightly bound to the element (or page), so we can explicitly mark which element has behavior defined.

In 3.0 things are changed, since we can define the same behavior for multiple elements (or pages), the connection between behavior and element (or page) is relative weak now.

We can review all the behaviors in the behavior editor, by unchecking the “Show behavior for current selection only” toggle button. Do you think we still need the small flag?


Yes, I would very much like to see the flags because it makes it easier to see find the elements that have behaviour and those that do not.


Ok, we will have it in the 3.0 official release 🙂


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