I can’t drag an image from outside ForeUI into a plot. It has been like that for a long time, but I remember being able to do it, and I miss it, because adding images through the “Add image”… is so much slower. 

I actually reported this issue back in 2011, but the issue was closed:


Windows 7 64-bit

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Staff September 16, 2016

This seems to be on Windows 7 only, I tried it with my Mac OS X and Windows XP and they all work fine.

Will try it with a Windows 7 later.

  1. Xavier replied the same 5 years ago:"I just tried it, it seems ok on my Windows XP. I will try it on Windows 7 later." Sorry, but it is kind of funny :D I hope you can solve the problem :)
Staff September 19, 2016

Hi Ulrich,

I believe this issue is not the same with the one you reported 5 years ago, which has been fixed in later version.

I just reproduced the issue you mentioned on a Windows 7 64-bit machine, and after checking I realized it only happens when you run ForeUI via the .exe file. The ForeUI.exe file is a wrapper executable file, which runs the JVM and loads ForeUI application into it. It seems this wrapper .exe file gets somehow limited by Windows 64-bit, and the ForeUI launched by it can not accept image files dragged into the application.

It is not easy to fix because it is not a limitation that gets documented, it most probably is a bug in Windows or JVM, which is hard to address and fix, at least on our side.

However, I found a workaround. You can run ForeUI via the launch.bat or launch.jar file to avoid this kind of problem.

To run launch.bat, you need to define a JAVA_HOME system environment variable and set its value to the JRE location, such as “C:\Program Files\ForeUI\jre”.

To run launch.jar, you need to put the path that contains the java.exe into your Path system environment variable, just append something like “C:\Program Files\ForeUI\jre\bin” to it.

You can double-click the launch.bat or launch.jar file to run ForeUI, and now you can drag image into it.


  1. Wuhuu! It works, thanks! :)

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