I created a new category and added some custom elements to it. Once I exit the program and come back in, the new category is gone. I even saved the particular plot file, but I can’t get the category to “stick”. I fear this may be another permissions issue, similar to the issue I reported…. We are restricted with what we have access to on our PCs at my company. I was wondering if you could tell me where the setting for categories is saved so that I might talk to my IT admins again. Thanks.

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More information — I just added two new categories, but didn’t add custom elements to them. They saved just fine. Then I added some custom elements to one of them, exited, and when I came back, both categories were gone.


Hi, the categories information is saved in this file:
C:Documents and Settings(UserName).foreuiconfcategories.xml

You need the permissions to read and write the entire “C:Documents and Settings(UserName).foreui” folder to make ForeUI work.


hmm. I do have permissions to that. I just tried your online demo, and the same thing happens so perhaps it’s not a permissions thing, but rather a true bug? If you repeat my steps, can you recreate it? I find it a little hard to believe that no one would have reported this before though…


Thanks for the new information. I just reproduced it, it is a bug (not sure when it is introduced). We will fix it in next version.


sweet. You rock, Xavier! I have joined your list so I will be notified about updates. Thanks!


This bug (Bug_0183) is fixed in V2.20


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