To evaluate ForeUI software I created a Plot with two pages:

Main Page and Video Page.

On the Main Page I have a Scrollable Container with a Text Box and

a Button which used to navigate to the Video Page.

On the Video Page I have another Scrollable Container with an iFrame that I use to

imbed a simple page with html5 tag with some parameters. All of this just to

show a movie in an appropriate for Google Chrome browser format.

Here is the problem:

When I run the plot I see the static first frame of the movie from the second page, so I can

see the content of the first page and the frame from the movie from the second page.

When I navigate to the second page, the content of the first page is gone and I see only the

second page and I can see the movie.

If it is possible I would like to send the directory with this project in compressed form so that you

can see for yourself how things look like.


Mike (strannik48)

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Hi Mike,

So the problem is the iFrame in invisible page becomes visible. Could you let us know the web browser you are using? We know that some versions of Safari will display the iFrame in invisible state.

Anyway, please send your file to, so we could check it.


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