Hello dear ForeUI team,

trying to work with global properties through the “Custom Property” bar I discovered an issue with the selection of the data type.

No matter what I select it jumps back to data type string and behaves also like a string (2 + 2 = 22).

Thank you!

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Hi Oleg, I could not reproduce this. On my side I could change the property type as I need. Could you provide the detailed steps to reproduce? Thanks.


Hello Vivi.

– I am using latest V3.804 on Win7 x64

– Open new plot

– Open the “Custom Property” Bar on the right side of the editor

– Add new property and set type to number, array or object

– Insert any value and click again on the “Add button”

– The type for the property you created before will jump back to string

– The created property will also behave like a string and not like a e.g. number

Please let me know, if you need a demo.


Thanks Oleg for the details. We have addressed this bug (Bug_0463) and fixed it in V3.80 SP5


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