Hello dear ForeUI team,

as of now these 2 properties are set individual, so you can get only value from one of the properties on section change.

What would speak against, that those properties are both set on Section change?

I have a single accordion and listen to the “Section Expanded/Collapsed” event.

There I have 2 switch cases for Expansion and Collapse, because I would like to trigger different actions for specific Sections on Expand AND Collapse.

I did a workaround with the mousedown event (Accordion_1_recentCollapsedSection = Accordion_1.recentExpandedSection), which will trigger before the section change.

Would like to hear your opinion, whether it makes sense to have both properties set on section change.

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Hi Oleg,

If I understand your case correctly. The “Section Expanded Flag as Array”(sectionExpandedFlags) is your best bet. The flag value is 0 if the section is collapsed, and is 1 if the section is expanded.


Thank you Vivi.

This indeed would work for If cases, but it is a bit complicated for something like this:

As I understood right, the recentExpansion/CollapsedSelection property is set according to the user action.

This makes sense for “multiple expasion” type of Accordion, but for “single expansion” accordions you can only Expand sections, which will automatically Collapse the previous(recent) Expanded.

Here it would may be helpful to set the recentCollapsedSection as the previous Expanded section, so this won ́t be always a useless 0.


Thanks Oleg, I think you are right that recentCollapsedSection should be updated as well for single expansion accordion.

So this is planned as an enhancement.


It is included in V3.80 SP5 🙂


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