Could you please change the way Opacity works in the Tools window (value between 0 and 255) so that it works as in the Manipulate dialog (%)?

In my plot I have two semi-transparent rectangles, and when rectangle 1 is clicked it turns to non-transparent, and when rectangle 2 is clicked the opacity og rectangle 1 is changed back to the default semi-transparency. Since the default opacity is set in the Tools window as a value from 0-255, it is kind of tricky to manipulate the opacity with Behavior, because I have to write a percentage. I will find my calculator…


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Staff December 23, 2016

Hi Ulrich, we will prefer to keep both systems as they are all useful. Adjusting number between 0 and 255 is more accurate, while displaying % is more intuitive.

Maybe we can add another field on the right of the opacity slider and display the percentage value. Also in the manipulate dialog, we can let user to input % or number between 0~255. 

  1. Ok, that sounds fine :)

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