Having strange issue with imported images within nested containers.

The first image, a small “?” help icon that’s 16 x 16 pixels, was dragged onto the design canvas using left click and drag.  Then right drag caused it to become embedded into a nest container. So far, so good…

Then I copied/pasted that same icon and drag it into a difference container – upon dropping the icon it appears okay at first. But when Simulating, it’s clear that it is not properly embedded into container. So tried to embed it by right clicking, drag – it then vanishes.

Next, I copied a fresh, new icon from icon palette using left drag onto a nested container. They immediately vanish when attempting to embed into any container.

Am I doing something wrong here or is it a bug?


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Staff January 26, 2017

As we have discussed and solved the problem via email, I would like to share the result here, to help other people who might need it.

The problem comes from the GroupFrame element, which is not a container (yet). Since GroupFrame is ebedded into the Accordion element, and the GroupFrame element is not transparent by default (opacity=255), it will cover any element under it.

When right dragging the small icon, you can only embed it into the container that holds the GroupFrame, which is the Accordion element, and the GroupFrame will cover the icon as the icon has the same Z index but it is added earlier.

There are 3 possible ways to fix this:

  1. Set the GroupFrame to transparent (change opacity to 0)
  2. Increase the Z index of the icon
  3. In the outline view, adjust the element order so the icons are placed after the GroupFrame

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Changing the Display settings for the Main Editor to use Big Icons and the Main Category Display to use Big Element Buttons does help but everything else is nearly too small to read. Especially the text in the Elements Panel and the Tools Panel.


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In the outline view, adjust the element order so the icons are placed after the GroupFrame.



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