Would you be so kind to implement Section titles arrays like in the Accordion element to the Menu, Menu Bars, Multi-Level Menus, Lists, Combo Boxes, Radio Button Groups and so on? Moreover, there is strong wish for these arrays to be editable, so that dynamical adding of sections would be possible.

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Hi Aurel,

Thanks for the suggestion. Giving the titles as array type property is possible. However making it editable, thus making the element content editable is another story. The element property is read-only by design, ForeUI does not provide a way to change the element property directly. Instead, ForeUI allows you to call some actions to manipulate on the element.

For example, you can see some specific actions for Table element, which can dynamically add/remove rows. If other elements support dynamically add/remove content in the future, they will use the same approach.


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