When changing a button’s state to Disabled, it is shown in a different way.

However, if an icon is shown on the button, the look of the icon is not changed, and the state seems to be a mix of Normal and Disabled.

Could you maybe display the icon in grayscale when the button’s state is Disabled as shown in my mock-up below?



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Staff December 1, 2016

Hi Ulrich, at the time being the button state doesn’t change the icon. We understand the disabled state usually has grayscale icon instead, this enhancement has been in our to-do list and we are expecting to have it implemented soon. 


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This bug happens on embedded elements in Tree, and we have fixed this bug in version 4.30 SP1.  Concrete Driveways


After opening the existing plot in new version, you may need to expand and collapse the tree node to make sure the embedded elements have correct position.


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They immediately vanish when attempting to embed into any container.


Tree Cutting


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If a button displays an icon for about us, the icon’s appearance remains unaltered, and the state appears to be a hybrid of Normal and Disabled.


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