I have a rather large prototype with 20 pages, and I have used Duplicate to make a copy of an existing page. The problem is that the new page is not visible in the Page Management dialog. The page is in fact there. It is shown on the Page button in the bottom of ForeUI, and it is part of simulation etc.

I just can’t see it in “Page Management”, and therefore I cannot place it somewhere else nor rename it.

Have you experienced this behavior before?

Btw, it is not related to Duplicate Selected Page. When I use “Add New Page”, the same thing happens.

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Staff November 11, 2016

It seems the page indices have wrong data inside. Is it possible to send us your plot file for checking? You can send to support [at]

  1. I have sent you a mail with the .4ui file.
Staff November 13, 2016

Hi Ulrich, this problem is caused by a bug on page duplication (Bug_0498), and it is fixed in V4.30 SP1. I have sent you a fixed version of your .4ui file.

  1. Great, thanks for a fixing the bug so fast! :)

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