I have embeddded checkboxes in a tree structure. In my prototype I need it to be collapsed by default.

It looks fine in ForeUI:


However, in simulation in both Chrome and IE, the collapsed tree structure is messed up:

When expanding the collapsed tree structure it looks like this:


Please fix this…

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Staff November 11, 2016

Thanks for telling us. I have reproduced this issue, and we will work on it ASAP.

Staff November 13, 2016

This bug happens on embedded elements in Tree, and we have fixed this bug in version 4.30 SP1.

After opening the existing plot in new version, you may need to expand and collapse the tree node to make sure the embedded elements have correct position.

  1. Thank you for a prompt reply! :)
  2. Hi Ulrich,Can you attach a sample of how you are able to add the check boxes?Thank you,
  3. Never mind, I figured it out :-P

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