We have an application that uses collapsible vertical panels that can be pinned or made to auto collapse.  If the accordion control worked vertically instead of horizontally I could possibly simulate with that control but it doesn’t that I can see.  Any suggestions on how to accomplish this or pre-built plots that do?



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Staff October 6, 2016

Hi Bill, I think the Accordion element is working vertically now (collapse/expand vertically).

I guess you mean a horizontal version of Accordion?

The Accordion element doesn’t support changing the direction. Also we do not have a pre-built plot for this scenario.

If only one panel can be expanded a time, I think the best way is to use several pages to simulate this. If you need 3 collapsable panels, you create 3 pages and each page has one panel expanded (while others are collapsed).

If allow multiple panels to expand together, it is harder. You will need to move those panels accordingly. But still is doable.

  1. I would like to put in a feature request for a vertical accordion control or collapsible panels of some kind. I will try and simulate without it for now. Thanks!

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