I created some custom elements in 2.x containing the ComboBox element.

When using these in 3.0 the Combobox cannot be opened.

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Hi Ulrich,

When you said “Combobox cannot be opened”, did you mean the ComboBox can not popup the list in simulation?

The problem may be related to the behavior defined for ComboBox. Could you send us a a sample element file that can reproduce the problem.


Mail sent.


Hi Ulrich,

Thanks for the plot file. After checking your file, we confirm this issue only happen when ComboBox does not paint decoration and opacity is set to 0.

In V2.0, it was necessary to set opacity to 0 when you don’t want the combobox background to be filled (even decoration is not painted). But in V3.0, the backgournd becomes part of the decoration, and you need to keep opacity > 0 to show the drop-down menu.

ForeUI will auto detect this case in the next release and will reset the opacity to 255 when loading custom element created by V2.


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