Continuing on my theme with post processing of generated DHTML, please consider extracting the generic/standard javascripts (e.g. ‘global.js’, ‘textbox.js’ etc) into a StandardScripts directory in the ForeUI installation folder.

Whatever is there is then copied over into the generated DHTML Scripts directory instead of current hardcoded scripts in JAR file.

This would greatly simplify the process of adding some hooks into the page, or other customisations.

Same could be done for global.css.

License purchased, look forward to 2.0 release.



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Welcome to be our customer 🙂

Thanks for the suggestion. We just have a short internal discussion of this idea, and we think exposing the code template is not good for the product robustness. We do not recommand to modify the code template since it may cause some bugs that we can not control.

Actually we have thought about the customization of javascript, we may provide the approach to attach javascript code from the tool GUI, but the code template is not supposed to be modified.


Hi Xavier, I can understand your desire to control the experience, but if I want to modify the template and have the necessary skills, it’s my problem if i break it, not a bug of your system. I can of course revert to the ‘backup’ 😉

A way of adding javascript code in GUI to respond to events would also be cool (and perhaps the ability to link to javascript files that are copied into the Scripts directory on build).

I really like flexible software. That’s why everything I build is extensible, supports plugins etc.



Alright Tim, if you like to modify the code template, you can do it now with just two steps:

1. Open the foreui.jar file (zip format actually), extract all .js files from “comeasynthforeuisimscript” to (YourFolder), then remove those files from the jar.

2. Edit the “launch.bat” file, in line 9 insert the following:
set ClassPath=(YourFolder)

Then you can run ForeUI and it still works, but the script files are moved to your folder now. You can write a script to do the steps above.


Thanks Xavier, I’ll avoid that level of hacking and overwrite files as part of my post build script.



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