Hello I’m trying out the demo and am really interested and might decide to buy the software, but I’m having a problem with the following.

I’ve downloaded the “File Chooser Dialog” element (under Advanced) and put a button and the file chooser dialog on the screen. I’ve set the visibility of the file chooser to invisible (unchecked) and added an action to the button (on element clicked) to toggle the visibility.

i’m obviously trying to achieve that when you 1st get the screen only the button is visible and when you press it, the file chooser should become visible as well.

However, when I run the simulation the file chooser does not appear. I heve added messages to be shown before and after toggling the visiblity and they do appear but not the file chooser.

Could someone please have a look at this and let me know if I’m doing something wrong?

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Hi Peter, I guess you have picked the “Window_File_Dialog” element in the button event handler, actually the correct element should be the entire group named “Group_File_Dialog”.

You can click the “next” button to pick the “Group_File_Dialog” once you’ve selected the “Window_File_Dialog” element.

The final behavior tree should look like this:

PS: if you set a member of group visible, but the group itself is invisible, you will still not able to see the group member.


OK, I got it to work now.
Thank you very much.


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