New Feature: Window element becomes container.

New Feature: New option to show/hide the handles beside root node in tree.

New Feature: New option to show/hide default icons in tree.

New Feature: Hold SHIFT to move element, restrict the vertical/horizontal direction.

Enhancement: Freely move elements within the container.

Enhancement: Allow cut/copy/paste/delete embedded element.

Enhancement: Can start selecting from outside of plot editing area.

Enhancement: paint small expand/collapse button for tree nodes in HandDrawing theme.

Enhancement: paint (optional) lines for tree in HandDrawing and Mac OS X themes.

Enhancement: improve rendering performance.

Bug_0264: Embed Tree into scrollable container, Tree text become white. (IE only)

Bug_0265: Table does not layout properly in simulation if column widths conflict with table width.

Bug_0266: Change the padding values of ScrollableContainer, then select its embedded element. The embedded element is in wrong location.

Bug_0268: Double clicking Balloon or Post-It element can not bring out the inline editor when zoom is not 100%.

Bug_0269: Select an embedded element and define action for it, the selected embedded element is not show in element chooser.

Bug_0270: Embedded element that has smaller Z value than its container can not be selected in element chooser.

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Many great improvements! Thanks! 🙂

“Enhancement: Allow cut/copy/paste/delete embedded element. “

This is currently only possible by clicking the icon in the properties bar. Could you please make the Delete key work also?

  1. The same goes for cut, copy and paste. Please make the shortcut keys work for embedded elements.
  2. Ok we will associate the hotkeys with them :-)

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