Hi. I’ve downloaded a number of custom elements from the online store and I’m very happy with the as they are but I’d also like to know how I may be able to create my very own custom elements.

  1. For example, how can I make a window or other UI components in ForeUI from scratch? With custom settings in the Tools panel?
  2. Is it possible to create elements that respond to swipe events? (Relevant for touch-devices.)

I assume this involves programming in Java?


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Staff May 5, 2015

Hi JarIArntzen,

Creating your own custom element is quite simple, just create what you want with the existing elements and then select them together, and click the  button in the tools panel. More details could be found here:

After creating several custom elements, you may consider packing them into your own library:

Creating custom element doesn’t need programming skills, however it will be great if you could think like a programmer. When defining the behavior of the element, you will need to deal with event, flow control and actions, it is not programming but the idea is similar.

As for the swipe events, it is not directly supported, however you could simulate it by handling multiple mouse events. A good example is to see how to make an element draggable:

  1. Thanks for the swift reply. I'll try it out.

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