Is it possible to set up a trace for behaviors? That is, display a non blocking, non intrusive message giving the trext of the behavior and the result of its execution for each behavior statement?


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Staff November 16, 2017

Currently ForeUI can not do this. However we are considering to add this feature, which is to write the behavior log into Javascript console.


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I would like to muse a JavaScript snippet in the expression in a conditional branch. Is it possible and how can I do it? concrete driveway contractor


 I can’t find a way to dynamically add what they type as an item in the tree.  So I am wondering what the advice would be on how to handle this.


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I was also looking for this but discovered that ForeUI don’t currently allow this feature. I will check back in a few months to see if it has been added 

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Any updates on these features, Vivi? 

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The execution traces present the order of the statements that are touched during the execution of the test cases. The execution logs present the output of each test case, i.e., whether it passed or failed.


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