i am using foreUI 1.9 trail version, i need to know that how do i can add a hyper link inside the column of a table.

i also want to use that hyper link further as an event to go on another page.

please help in this problem that how can i do this.

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You can use a text box with underscore to simulate the hyperlink (just like what the “Hyperlink” custom element do), you need to handle its “Element Clicked” event to switch to another page.

You can place the “hyperlink” over the table element. Just make enough room for it by adding some spaces in the table cell.


thanks for the reply,
i am using the following table and columns in ForeUI editor as shown in image below.

i am getting the following output when running simulation, with no hyperlink button in last column of the table as i have shown in the above image, as well as the structure of the table is also changed. The below image is generated after starting simulation,

Please help me where i am going wrong.

  1. So if you take this table. My question are as follows:
    1. Is it possible to group each row for different elements? When I add new row from top in my case the hyperlink and check box are not moving along with the same row.
    2. On clicking hyperlink above for a individual row we go to a form with the value of the form having pre-filled values from each column in that specific row. In other words is it possible to click on every single row? to edit each elements of the row?

i have discovered that when ever i put table on the screen, then all of the controls get disappear when i run the simulation.
i don’t know why it is showing such behavior.


Hi, it is because a bug introduced from V1.90, we will fix it in V2.0.

To workaround this, make sure the column number for each row are the same, even some columns are not needed. For example:

You want a table like this:


Then you need to make it like this: (to workaround the bug)

A1,A2,(empty or spaces)
B1,(empty or spaces),(empty or spaces)

Thus each row has 3 columns, it should work.

Another workaround is to use V1.85, it does not have this bug.


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