Normally Main Menu structure is similar for each application “page”. It means that the best way is to create it once at Masterpage. But there is problem: in this case menu is behind the pages contents…

It seems that menu bar and corresponding menus must be at each page in the plot.

Is there any solution how to handle it?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi, you can put the main menu in the master page, and then send it to top (click the “bring to top” button in “Layer” row in tool pane, or just input a Z=1000), thus it will not be covered by other content.


Hi! Unfortunately it doesn’t work… I’ve already tried it.

Even if menu is on very top on Masterpage (Z=1000) and contents of other pages have Z=0, menu is covered.

Please find attached screens.


Normal Page:

Pages structure:


As you can see menu at masterpage covered with table at normal page.


Are you using IE? I tried in in Firefox/Safari/Chrome, all works except IE.


You are right. It was IE. And it’s OK in Firefox.

Thanks for help!


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