New Feature: New “Windows 7” UI theme for prototyping.

New Feature: Integrate with ForeUI user community web site.

New Feature: Element category management.

New Feature: Tree structured page management: support drag and drop.

New Feature: Support global properties.

New Feature: Support add/trigger custom events.

New Feature: Display settings for toolbar icon, toolbar text, action flag and element button size.

New Feature: Table element supports “Table Cell Values” property.

New Feature: New placeholder element.

Enhancement: Table content should not be wrapped, unless ‘n’ is used.

Enhancement: When inputing the target element id, the id list should include ids for group members.

Enhancement: Property chooser also allow inputing element id directely.

Enhancement: Add page navigation buttons on bottom tool bar.

Enhancement: Improved some dialogs UI (page management, plot configure, element selector etc.)

Enhancement: Avoid selecting text within table body by double-clicking in the simulation.

Enhancement: “Show Message” action can do optional calculation within the message.

Enhancement: Allow specifying the loop interval in behavior editor.

Enhancement: Adjust the title position for window element.

Enhancement: Rectangle, ellipse, triangle and placeholder support line stye (solid, dashed, dot).

Bug_0126: The table element with spaces in content will be shows as “&nbsp…” when export html more than one time.

Bug_0127: If one row of table element contains less columns than other rows, error occur when exporting to html.

Bug_0128: Post commands list is disabled by default, even the post commands are enabled.

Bug_0129: ComboBox element can not contain “” sysmbols.

Bug_0130: Delete a master page may cause the page manage window crash.

Bug_0131: Page management window should be closed when the plot is closed.

Bug_0132: The window icon and title is not aligned well when title contains parenthesis.

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Enhancement: Avoid selecting text within table body by double-clicking in the simulation.

I don’t think this has been fixed. I’ve created a plot file containing a table, and when I double click a row, the text still gets selected.

  1. ... Ok, it is fixed for IE and Safari for now. Will try to find the solution for other browsers :-)

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