Hey ForeUI, your tool is fantastic. It is helping us do a lot of rapid prototyping on a .NET rew-write we are working on. One problem I have encountered is that when trying to multi-select Events in the ‘Behavior of Element’ window to copy down to the next Case item, I successfully hold down the Shift and right click with the mouse on 3 of 5 events and then it forgets that I had those three items clicked. Not sure what is going on.

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Hi J Raub, glad to know ForeUI helps.

Can you attach a screen shot for the issue?



Thanks for the screen shot, but from the picture I can not see what’s happening.

In V2.05, the selection will be cleared if you click on empty region of the tree. This behavior is changed in V2.10 (just released). Not sure if this info is useful for you.


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