I’m already testing version 1.55 :o)

I looks great, but I’ve run into a strange problem:

1. I insert a large image from the Image Dock, (it is supposed to work as a background on the Master Page)

2. I now insert another and smaller image on top, but when I do that, the new image is expanded to the size of the large image I added just before :o(

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I’ve just found out, that if I leave some white space on the plot, and drag the new and smaller image to the white area – and not on top of the large image – it works fine.

The point is just, that the plot should not be bigger than the large image that acts as the background image, so this “hack” is not really a solution… it’s just more information to you about the bug :o)


You were so fast 🙂

Actually it is one of the designed behavior of image dock: You can drag image into the existed element in the plot. If you drag the image into an existed image box, it will replace the image with the new one.

You can also drag image to button, list, menu etc, check this image for more details:

In your case, you can avoid draging image to the big image. Instead drag an image box element from the left and then choose its image source.


Yes, maybe too fast :o) Maybe I should have waited for your announement and “What’s new” descriptions… :o)

Great feature, however, couldn’t you let the new image keep it’s own size instead of using the size of the image, that it is replacing?

The replacement feature also makes it a bit difficult to build a user interface with several pictures on top of each other (unless you remember to drag the images next to each other and not on top of each other).

In my prototype with the background image that covers the entire plot, I don’t like the replacement functionality too much ;o)


I understand your need, yet sometimes we just can’t satisfy both parties, in some cases people need to keep the image size when the image source is replaced…

In your case (overlaping images), using the Image element will be much better, just drag it (from the left list) into the plot, then choose its image source. Dragging image from image dock is more suitable for replacing small icons on menu or button etc.


Well OK, I understand your point, and your proposed way of doing things works fine – even though it is 3 mouse clicks more! ;o)


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