I added a triangle widget to my screen and tried to rotate it. When I manually enter in a degree 90, 0, 15, etc. nothing happens. When I click on the rotate icon, nothing happens

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I can’t reproduce the problem, on my side it works:

  1. It also works fine on my pc:
    Enter a number and press on the rotate icon.

Thank you for answering the question. This was not the mental model for how I expected it to work. What other applications mimic this process for rotating? Typically as you change the number the objects rotates immediately. Just curious as to your thoughts…


Hi Andrew, I got your point now. Actually the number of degree in the floating pane is not a property of the triangle, we just provide a command for rotating the triangle. Yes it is kind of confusing.

We are thinking about a better way to control the shape, maybe allow user to input the three points? Just like this: 100,200;120,210;90,230


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