I’d like you to add the following attributes to the ComboBox element:

1. Paint Border: Yes/No

2. Icon (I’d like to be able to insert another icon)

3. Show icon: Yes/No (I’d like to be able to hide the icon)

These changes would make it possible to create custom controls.

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Paint border on/off is not difficult, just like the text edit box. What do you mean the icon? Is it the button with arrow?


Yes, I mean the arrow button. I’d like to be able to insert my own icon.


Good, that will allow customize the whole look of ComboBox.
Put it into the list.


Sounds great!


Are these enhancements of the combobox coming any time soon? I made the request a year ago.

I could really use it…

The most important one is “Paint Border: Yes/No”.


Sorry for letting you wait so long 😛

Our todo list is growing so fast and… anyway, we will be on it soon 🙂


This feature is available in V2.57, and I submitted an example in


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